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What is Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Adhesive?
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Polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive commonly known as: emulsion white glue 

Chemical Attributes:Water-based products Use:Adhesives for construction Product Category:Adhesive paint series 

Description of products: Latex is a milky white viscous liquid produced by the polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer under the action of initiator, protective glue and other materials. According to the requirements and uses, it is divided into strong emulsion white glue (RF701), emulsion white glue Ⅰ type (RF601), emulsion white glue Ⅱ type (RF642) and other models.

Product Type: Vinyl Acetate Polymer 

Application Scope: Mainly used as adhesive in wood, textile, coating, paper processing, construction and other industries.

Standard: In accordance with Q/HT013-2001 Emulsion Adhesive Standard.

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