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Winter is upon us, waterproofing and caulking!
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Across the country substantial cooling, snowfall, sudden changes in weather conditions for waterproofing construction has a greater impact, household waterproofing coating is mostly water-based, too low temperature will affect its performance. Especially outdoor work. How to do waterproofing in winter, winter waterproofing is reliable? In order to make the renovation process to do a good job of waterproofing, in addition to the normal waterproofing construction needs to pay attention to the following points.
Cold winter, the preservation of products is particularly important, including dry powder products are particularly prone to moisture absorption, waterproof products in the emulsion part of the freezing easy at low temperatures, so to ensure product safety over the winter, the key to do the following.

1, the product will be placed in a warm and dry place, the warehouse shall not have water, leakage, such as conditions, it is best to do a moisture-proof treatment;
2, especially cold areas such as warehouses and basements and other areas, can be appropriate for heating and insulation, other areas can also be covered with blankets and other things on the product or isolated insulation.
3. Pay attention to the use of cement and protection work.
In winter construction, the sand used in the construction shall be carefully sieved and shall not contain ice. The temperature of water should not exceed 80°C when mixing the sand mortar. When cement is used, the site should be insulated or antifreeze should be added to ensure its strength.
When the coating is cured to the point that it will not be damaged by spraying water, it should be sprayed 1-3 times a day in winter (no ice), or covered with damp and breathable coarse linen and straw mat for two days, and the maintenance work should last for 2-3 days.
5、Adjust the amount of water and temperature appropriately by using plugging products.
Caulking King is a dry powder product with high strength and fast setting, which is influenced by the temperature of the environment and the temperature of the mixing water, so it is necessary to pay attention to it in winter. Since the setting time of plugging products is slower in winter than in summer, it is necessary to reduce the amount of mixing water in order to ensure the proper construction. Warm water can be used to speed up the setting time and increase the initial strength of the product.

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