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The three common problems encountered during the construction of joint compound
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A, after construction of the sewing agent, carelessly leave a small amount of gel on the surface of the tiles, it is difficult to remove, how to do?

If some of the surface flat tiles in the glass tiles leave traces of detergent can be removed, if the antique tiles class with a pattern of tiles or more difficult to clean can be soaked in hot water, using alcohol, hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid for removal, or even Taobao to buy a seam remover to clean up, but the owners themselves must not scrape with a knife, careless scraping tiles will be unattractive.

Second, when the tiles are sewn with a good seam sealant or good porcelain glue, how to choose ah?

Select the seam sealant or porcelain glue, according to the owner's home tile category, construction location selection, porcelain glue waterproof and mildew resistance is particularly powerful, suitable for bathrooms and other damp places all year round, as well as kitchens and other places where oil is easily hidden, porcelain glue can also replace the balcony, bathroom, kitchen yin and Yang corner of the glass glue, a complete solution to the problem of blackened glass glue. The sewing agent only beautify the function, but also need to remind owners if the use of hard material such as marble tiles, please use true porcelain glue to avoid collapse of porcelain.

Third, tile sewing, is not necessarily the need for caulking bottom?

This needs to be considered from the cost and the degree of bonding, generally with caulk bottoming and left about 3mm deep seam is appropriate, so that both taking into account the cost and can maintain a long time to use.

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